#15: Restaurant Cook Anette Kreipke

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Many amateur chefs dream of leaving their office jobs, enrolling at cooking school, and then going to work at one of the world’s best restaurants. But only a few follow through. After all, cooking school is expensive, and restaurant jobs are known for their grueling hours and low pay.

But Anette Kreipke did follow through: two years ago, she left her marketing job to study at the French Culinary Institute. She now works at Daniel, a three-Michelin-star restaurant in New York City. What I loved about my conversation with Anette was that she was so forthcoming: I came away knowing what cooking school costs and what jobs like hers pay. Best of all, Anette described what she actually does for twelve hours a day, six days a week (spoiler alert: it involves 400 pounds of chicken bones).

About Anette Kreipke: Before turning to cooking, Anette Kreipke worked in client services for Sapient Interactive, Razorfish, and Ogilvy Action Digitalall marketing agencies focused on developing digital advertising campaigns. Anette also has start-up experience, and, in earlier days, she put her Columbia MBA to use as an investment banker focused on privatization projects in developing markets including Mongolia, Ethiopia, Egypt, and the Balkans.

Photo credit: Eileen Miller

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  1. Mee says:

    Loved the interview. So inspirational! I am wondering aloud, for each of us to take such a bold step, aka moving from the past 15-20yrs of a 1stinnings career, into another (completely different space) to chase ones hearts desire…requires confidence, some financial stability and a lot of family encouragement.

    I am going away with a smile from this interview, All the best to Anette, may she cook up loadsa smiles of satisfaction for all those who sample her food:)

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