#9: Air Traffic Controller Bob Richards

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The subject of air traffic control has been in the news a lot in recent weeks, but many of the pundits weighing in on the issues are not people who’ve personally spent any time in the tower. So I asked veteran air traffic controller Bob Richards if he’d be willing to share his thoughts with Work Stew. In this special episode of the podcast, he fields a wide range of listener questions, including the inevitable: “Have you ever napped on the job?” He also shares his recollection of O’Hare’s famous UFO incident.

About Bob Richards: Bob Richards worked as an air traffic controller for 25 years; for 22 of those years, he was at the nation’s busiest airport, Chicago’s O’Hare International. Since retiring in 2007, Bob has written a book called Secrets from the Tower; he has also made many media appearances, and he serves as a part-time aviation consultant for various news organizations.

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  1. Mark Spearman says:

    Awesome interview – Great to hear the inside story on such a high-profile and (apparently) misunderstood profession!

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