#66: Locksmith Tom Lynch

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Recently I spoke to a Seattle-area man who has been searching for a job for almost two years. Hearing about his struggle to find work in the environmental sectorI got to wondering: who is hiring these days? Where is the demand?

The answer, at least according to Tom Lynch, is locksmithing. The security market is expanding, and locksmiths—who offer a far wider range of services than I realized—have the potential to get a significant piece of that growing pie.

About Tom Lynch: Based in New York, Lynch is a Certified Registered Locksmith (CRL) with more than 25 years of experience. In addition to managing his own business, he is also an active leader in the industry: he founded the Society of Professional Locksmiths; created the first locksmith podcast, Lock Radio; and has contributed to several industry publications including The National Locksmith Magazine, The Locksmith Ledger, and Keynotes Magazine. Lynch is a veteran of the U.S. Navy (Submarine Service) and a member of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

 Photo credit: courtesy of Tom Lynch.


  1. skip locke says:

    Very nice interview. Tom is like an onion always exposing another layer. While many people focus on what’s wrong with industry Tom shines a light on what makes it great. Makes me excited to be a locksmith and to be part of such a fun industry.

  2. I always liked Tom Lynch. Tom is a wealth of information and a all around good guy.


  3. Patrick Gatward CRL says:

    Tom is a very knowledgeable and dedicated Locksmith. He is very active in the Locksmith organization both local and country wide. Great interview, Tom and Kate. Sexy!

  4. As a locksmith, I couldn’t agree more with Mr. Lynch. Very well said!

  5. Kelvin Smith says:

    Great job and very informative by Mr. Lynch. Personally, I had to use his services a few years back. Tom met me at the Land Rover dealership because my battery was dead and the doors couldn’t be opened. They said the only way to get in would be to break a window. Enter Tom. It took him 5 minutes to go through a compartment by the rear license plate. The techs were in awe.

  6. Rob Simpson says:

    I have been communicating with Tom over the past few months and find his honesty and integrity is without question! I trust Toms professional opinion over any other locksmithing organisations I have had dealings with and I am located in the UK!

  7. Work Stew

    Nice Job. The general public often has no idea what a “locksmith” actually does or the safety and security codes that must be known to protect people and property or the range of products and services as well as the quality of the majority of people in the business. Great topic. Tom is a character and his heartfelt enthusiasm and genuine interest in supporting the industry seemingly hell-bent on debating and regulating itself instead of promoting the virtues of the business the the good of the people in it and the general consumer at large is refreshing. Thank You.

  8. Chuck Noble says:

    Tom is well spoken and is a good representative of his industry.
    He wants his peers to succeed.
    Well done Tom!

  9. Bryan Gatward RL says:

    Thumbs up to Tom Lynch, very positive interview about the locksmiths and the locksmith community. Being a locksmith I love it, It is exciting and a challenge. what a great career, with a great future for the new generation to explore.

  10. Marty Sovis says:

    A very well choreographed presentation. Tom did an excellent job covering the Locksmith industry, and as a brilliant speaker showed our industry in the best possible light. Just a down to earth, good level of understanding for all.

  11. Nick Hart says:

    Nice job Tom! You always are able to express yourself and help the locksmith industry recover from the black eyes that we get from the scammers.

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