#58: Python Hunter Ruben Ramirez

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You may have seen the headlines: Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission just held a month-long python-catching contest.

Anyone over the age of 18 who had completed an online (online!) training course could participate, and nearly 1,600 people signed up. Most were amateurs, but those who prevailed were pros.

Ruben Ramirez, who has been hunting snakes for more than 27 years and considers the Everglades his backyard, won for “most harvested.” He turned in 18 pythons over the course of the competition.

About Ruben Ramirez: Ruben Ramirez is the founder of a small group of outdoorsmen called the Florida Python Hunters. Licensed to remove Burmese pythons and other non-native reptiles, the group works closely with state officials focused on protecting the ecosystem of South Florida from invasive species.

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