Signing Off

Thanks for checking in. I’m signing off for now. Too many other things are tugging at me, and there just aren’t enough hours in the day.

Thank you to the 80+ writers who contributed essays, the 90+ people who let me interview them, and the community that formed around these stories. For me, thinking out loud with all of you was so worthwhile, and so fun.

Logistics note: all of the content will remain online at; I just won’t be around to stir it!

Photo credit: Chris Walton of Visual Story Productions.


Programming Note: Podcast Hiatus

The Work Stew podcast will resume on October 2, 2013, after the 2nd Annual Essay Contest is complete.

Until then, dip into the archives orbetter yetuse the radio silence to jump into the fray. The contest deadline has passed, but you can peruse the entries here. Writers live for feedback, so tell them what you think!

Reunion Musings

What do you know now that you wish you had known 20 years ago?

At my college reunion last week, I went around with a microphone asking this question.

I collected a lot of interesting answers, but the sound quality was pretty poor on account of the raucous parties that were unfolding in the background. So, I won’t be inflicting them on you in a podcast; instead you can sample some of what was said by checking out the 4.5 minute mash-up on Work Stew’s Facebook page.

In the excerpt below, a classmate who is now a family physician recalls a particularly humiliating experience as an office temp.